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Re: A concerned user -- debian Guidelines

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 09:57:50AM +0100, Nathael Pajani wrote:
> You certainly heard about "debianfork" (http://debianfork.org/) and from a user point of
> view this is a tragedy.
Don't worry, this is a joke.

> When a (big ?) pool of users is not happy to the point of suggesting to fork 
There is no evidence of this.

> You'll notice that the fork has not been started yet, as (I think) many still hope this
> can end the right way, with USERS taken into account. All of them.
I guess there is another reason it's not started.

> Still from my point of view, this means that the user can choose between alternatives for
> almost everything when there is a choice. Let's cite a few to make it evident : Vim/emacs,
> KDE/Gnome/All/the/others/ones, Debian kernel/custom kernel, ....
We don't support every custom kernel.
We don't try to make every WM/DE have every option or support
interoperability with all other software if it wasn't done by the

> Then, when Debian developers are about to choose to impose a given init system on it's
> users instead of giving them the choice, I feel like it being a breach in Debian's Social
> contract and Ian Murdock's initial intention when he created Debian.
You weren't given a choice of a libc either.

> Yes, making an init-independent system is more work than the easy, "single init" solution.
> But I think there are people out there which will be willing to spend time on this.
There is no evidence of this.

> But GNU/Linux is NOT uniformity. It is choice. It is alternatives. It is options.


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