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Re: What is the policy on audio group? and, proposal of a new group for the jack audio server

* Ralf Jung <post@ralfj.de> [141109 17:02]:
> Hi,
> > On the other hand, it would break typical uses of using sound remotely.
> > These days, shared computers are almost unheard of save for some school
> > settings -- while loads of people have some raspi mediacenter or press
> > some buttons on their phone to control sound coming from the big computer.
> This usually happens via UPnP or similar, though - the actual audio is
> ultimately done by a local user. So the audio group is unrelated to this
> usecase.

It very much is, because those users are usually daemon users that
are not logged in through a session manager, and thereby don't get
access granted by PolicyKit (or equiv).

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