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Re: Bug#768329: grub-common: Please enable splash for jessie

* Jonathan Dowland <jmtd@debian.org> [141109 21:04]:
> In other words, plymouth installed but no 'splash' argument to the boot
> results in no change; adding 'splash' results in plymouth being activated
> albeit in text mode

That is my observation, yes.

> (so no modechange?)

Not by the default plymouth setup; the kernel does a KMS init in any
case, whether plymouth is installed or not.

> > Why's there a new boot parameter?
> > 
> > I don't know, but currently at least Ubuntu, Tanglu (both via
> > grub-common), and Fedora do it this way.
> > It's certainly nice to have the parameter so the recovery boot
> > option can skip plymouth (esp. if you were to enable a graphical
> > theme).
> I presume the option is interpreted by systemd or plymouth, rather than the
> kernel. (raises an interesting question, where is this handled, and is it
> handled differently for different init systems?) I see no reason why Debian
> couldn't default to the opposite (plymouth installed? plymouth runs - some
> 'nosplash' command line argument passed? plymouth doesn't run) if that was
> determined to be preferential. IMHO on-by-default is a good idea, especially
> if boot-time password prompts are likely useless without it (at least with
> systemd, but this is functionally a regression from wheezy).

There's sysvinit (/etc/init.d/plymouth) and systemd
(/lib/systemd/system/*/plymouth*) specific code for the 'splash'
command line option, plus some additional code for initramfs-tools.

I think the current behaviour should be retained for these reasons:

 - GRUB has a way of passing additional options to the "default"
   boot option, but it can't do that for the "recovery" option (so
   no way to pass nosplash from /etc/default/grub)
 - We don't unnecessarily deviate from other distros for no good

On-by-default is likely a good idea, which is why I'd like to see
'splash' being added to /e/d/g.

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