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Re: Two years later and still no netatalk3 in jessie?

On Sun, Nov 09, 2014 at 12:55:03PM +0100, Bálint Réczey wrote:

> >> 2014/8/4 - Adrian updated the package to 3.1.3
> >> adi's package (currently @ 3.1.3):
> >> https://github.com/adiknoth/netatalk-debian
> > I'd say get some devs behind this, call the package netatalk3 and ship
> > it in parallel. I had it running for months, upstream had worked on it
> > for years, it's not that this is bleeding edge or untested.
> IMHO the proper way of putting this package into focus is asking the
> maintainers to file an RFH bug if you don't want help yourself.
> Helping yourself can be submitting patches through BTS,

You surely have noticed that I actually provided proper Debian packaging
in January 2014, right? And proper means 3.0/quilt workflow with signed
tags, pristine-tar and everything.

I've pinged the maintainers/bug:


I've updated the package in early August, pinged the bug plus the team


I've updated it a second time to 3.1.6 in late September. I think it's
only fair to say that *I* actually did help.

Read this timeline:

   From: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=685878#16

2012/7/9 - netatalk 3.0 released upstream

2012/10/11 - Hideki started working on a 3.0.1 package using dh style
instead of cdbs, but it was declined because of Jonas' wish to stick
with cdbs

2013/3/18 - Igor posted a 3.0.1 cdbs package

2013/4/12 - Martin updated the cdbs package to 3.0.3

2014/1/11 - Tony built a 3.0.6 deb

2014/1/11 - Tony articulated the need for 3.0.6 due to problems w. time

2014/1/11 - Jonas stated intent to upgrade to 3.x but cited lack of time

2014/1/14 - Adrian cleaned up tony's 3.0.6 package and posted it

2014/2/10 - Jonas stated intent to continue to maintain the netatalk
package & opened a mailing list on alioth

2014/4/18 - Brian cleaned up & updated Adrian's package to 3.1.1

2014/4/19 - Chris suggested to get netatalk 3.x into experimental asap
to get it ready for jessie

2014/4/20 - Chris, Brian & Jonas collaborated & pushed 2.2.5

2014/8/4 - Adrian updated the package to 3.1.3

2014/8/27 - HAT reported that 3.1.6 is available

2014/9/29 - Adrian updated the package to 3.1.6

Add at least three wishlist bugs asking for netatalk 3.x, some as early
as 2012.  Two years of absolutely no progress, despite at least six
people helping.

I'm only a DM, I cannot upload foreign packages. And if it wasn't for
the two friends who needed netatalk3, I wouldn't even care at all.

But maybe, just maybe, at some point the maintainers should actually
upload stuff?

> Most probably Jessie will not contain netatalk 3, but having it in
> jessie-backports would be almost as good as having it in jessie.

I agree. So is there a DD who actually cares about netatalk? If so,
clone my git repo and upload to experimental as suggested seven months
ago. The usual git-buildpackage workflow.

Or call it netatalk3 and upload it to sid, totally up to you.

Or file a RFH bug on behalf of the netatalk maintainers that can be
ignored for another two years. ;)


PS: Just in case it wasn't obvious, I have absolutely no interest in
maintaining netatalk. Not my package.

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