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Re: Two years later and still no netatalk3 in jessie?

On 2014-11-09 9:48, Adrian Knoth wrote:
On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 01:21:04PM -0400, Igor Bernstein wrote:

- jessie freeze happens in 2 months

Happened in the meantime :-/
I'd say get some devs behind this, call the package netatalk3 and ship
it in parallel. I had it running for months, upstream had worked on it
for years, it's not that this is bleeding edge or untested.

Saying "people should do something" will not work.

jessie without netatalk3 would be embarrassing at best,

Well, as you noted, we've frozen. And there are no netatalk packages in the archive _anywhere_. So Jessie won't have them.

CC debian-devel for additional momentum.

Momentum for what? If you mean "to get it in to Jessie", then there is no need for momentum. It's not going to happen.



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