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Moving File::Temp to perl-base


I would like to move File::Temp, the standard Perl module for safely
creating temporary files and directories, into the perl-base package.
This would pull 122KB into essential set, 78KB of which is File::Temp
itself. As growing the essential set affects all Debian systems, I think
this needs a discussion on this list.

I'm aware that we've just frozen, and I'd like to leave the timing of the
change out of this discussion. I'd personally like to do it for jessie
and I don't see much risk for regressions, but I intend to discuss that
with the release team separately.

The init-system-helpers package uses File::Temp, and init-system-helpers
provides some of Debian's core infrastructure for supporting multiple init
systems by synchronizing service state to systemd from other init system
implementations (enabling users to more easily switch back and forth).
It therefore would be good to allow maintainers to use it freely in init
scripts without depending on perl, which is not part of the required set.
We want to make it as easy as possible to support multiple init systems.

Additionally, it makes sense to ensure File::Temp is generally available
to maintainer scripts, since securely creating a temporary file is
both difficult and a reasonable action for maintainer scripts to want
to take.  So this also argues for promoting it to the essential set so
that maintainer scripts don't have to worry about whether or not it's
available. Using /usr/bin/mktemp from Perl scripts is unnecessarily hard
and error-prone for such a security sensitive task.

There's some background in #757891. The current state is very much
suboptimal, and while this isn't the only way to solve it, I'm convinced
now that it's the right one.
Niko Tyni   ntyni@debian.org

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