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Re: systemd - suggestions for the next version

Hi Ben,

> This was implemented in initramfs-tools 0.117.  This is not yet in
> jessie as these changes led to some serious regressions that have not
> all been fixed.  But I think we will have this working soon and get it
> into jessie.

this are great news! I already heard about the improvement of initramfs-tools 
in unstable. However, I could not verifý, if these also involve enrypted 
partitions. As you know, you must either decrypt them manually or by a keyfile 
on an usb-stick (or similar).
> > - systemd should be started AFTER an USB-stick, which contains a
> > decryption
> > key for the partitions is mounted and the decrypt-key for /usr (and maybe
> > other partitions) is read and decrypted the needed partitions.
> [...]
> I don't know whether this works.

Hmm, this should work IMO after the next "stable" release. Systemadmins with 
great resposibilty might have the partitions encrypted. Please avoid to break 
such systems. I will likely test, if you want to, and be pleased to send back 

> Ben.


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