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systemd - suggestions for the next version

Dear maintainers, 

I am running jessie with systemd. As I am using a construction other people 
might also use, please allow me to suggest some things, you should implement 
into systemd.

My system has /, /boot, /home, /usr and /var on seperated partitions.
The partitions /home, /usr and /var are luks-encrypted.

As this profile, the follwing things should be implemented or at least 
considered (regarded?) in systemd before the release of jessie:

- systemd should started, AFTER /usr is decrypted

- systemd should be started AFTER /usr is mounted

- systemd should be started AFTER an USB-stick, which contains a decryption 
key for the partitions is mounted and the decrypt-key for /usr (and maybe 
other partitions) is read and decrypted the needed partitions.

I guess, many people after Snowden are using similar profiles than mine and I 
think, you do not expect all the computers in the world to be repartitioned.

Systemd is running well, so far as I can see, but these things should be 
corrected somehow. IMO this will improve systemd a lot!

Thank you very much for your support.

Best regrads


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