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Re: Enable external repository on package installation

On Sun, 26 Oct 2014, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:

> "Do you want to enable an external repository which will provide you with
> the latest version of Wt?

How are you going to provide, say, S/390 binaries? ☺

What about distribution integration and bugtracking?

> Is this acceptable? Has anyone ever done this and can talk about his
> experience?

I find this extremely questionable, personally. In fact,
while it’s apparently normal in the RPM world to add
/etc/yum.repos.d/* files in the $foo-keyring packages,
I have not done so in the keyring DEB package for my own
personal repository, and will not do so, rather relying
on the user (admin) to edit their sources.list manually.

Sometimes they [people] care too much: pretty printers [and syntax highligh-
ting, d.A.] mechanically produce pretty output that accentuates irrelevant
detail in the program, which is as sensible as putting all the prepositions
in English text in bold font.	-- Rob Pike in "Notes on Programming in C"

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