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Re: Hurra for an efficient ftpmaster team!

+++ Jonas Smedegaard [2014-10-22 19:04 +0200]:
> Hi,
> I have to share with you all how very positively surprised I am by the 
> efficiency of the ftpmaster team processing the NEW queue.  I feared 
> that we might experience extra slow processing this close to the freeze 
> but my experience have been quite the contrary.
> Hurra for the ftmaster team!

> I know processing is not always simple and that I might just have been 
> "lucky" lately (read: my recent uploads may simply be easy to handle). I 

It's not just that. I've had some complicated ones and they have also
been handled carefully and promptly.

Things are working well, and we do do indeed appreciate your work,
FTPmasters, especially at this busy time.

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