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Re: piece of mind (Re: Moderated posts?)

[Moving this to -project, where it belongs; please follow up only
there, not on -user or -devel.]

On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 06:18:01PM +0200, lee wrote:
> Why doesn't Debian just do a GR on this issue?

Because for a GR, a member of Debian has to request it and it needs to
be seconded by at least 5 other members (constitution 4.2.1, 4.2.7).
This has not happened.

> It would be interesting to see what the devs/maintainers would vote for,
> and it might give everyone quite a bit a of re-assurance and
> piece-of-mind.

Given that there have not been 6 members asking for this vote, I don't
see a lot of unrest.

> Considering that the users are Debians' priority, couldn't this issue be
> a case in which significant concerns from/of the users about an issue
> might initiate a GR?

No. Debian is a very elitist organization.  The members decide what to
do, and nobody else does.  As a whole we rule over our users with
enlightened absolutism.  The main difference with rulers of countries is
that our users can go away more easily. ;-)

Debian is extremely democratic for its members, but it is utterly
undemocratic for its users.  And there's nothing wrong with that, IMO.

> Wouldn't it speak loudly for Debian and its ways and for what it
> stands for, or used to stand for, if it was established procedure that
> issues arising significant concerns amongst the users can lead to a
> GR?

I'll speak for myself here: I don't really care about the init system.
I am unhappy with the emotions that this debate is causing, but I'm not
very interested in the technical parts.  From what I see on the mailing
lists, it seems that a few users are very unhappy and they keep bringing
this up.  But if this would be a big issue for many people, then there
should be no problem finding 6 members to start a GR (our members are
users, too).  That still hasn't happened, so I conclude that it isn't a
big issue.

> I'm sure we could find quite a few supporters for having a GR amongst
> the users (here).  And after all, we're all kinda stuck in the same
> boat.  A GR might have the potential to make the gap between users and
> devs/maintainers a lot smaller.  Otherwise, this gap will only continue
> to become wider and wider.

There are many members.  If you can't manage to convince 6 of them, we
don't consider it a big issue.  You may disagree, but that's Debian's


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