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Re: Packaging proprietary software

Mathieu Slabbinck <matty.slabbinck@gmail.com> writes:

> Currently I use dh_make to set everything up, but to have everything
> legally compliant, I don't think this is the best choice.

What do you mean by “legally compliant”?

If you mean “compliant with Debian packaging policy”, then no,
proprietary software is incompatible with Debian packaging policy by
definition, since the result is not free software. More broadly, you
likely want to withhold the source code, and a Debian package is not
policy-compliant if its source code is not available.

If you mean “compliant with my local legal jurisdiction”, that isn't
answerable until we know what laws you think would be violated by the
packaging of your software.

> Any advise on how to accomplish a good proprietary binary is
> appreciated!

On that point: It is in poor taste to declare up front that you have no
intention of helping the free software community (which is what it means
to release proprietary software), and then in the same message ask that
same community for help in doing this.

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