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Remote kernel crash dump for Debian


I have been working on an enhancement to the kdump-tools package that I maintain
and that implements the remote kernel crash dump capability
for Debian.

With this enhancement, it is possible to have the result of the makedumpfile
pass or the plain vmcore content to be sent remotely to a server running
sshd or exporting a writable NFS mountpoint.

This new functionality is similar to those currently available on other
distributions, namely RHEL and SLES.

Details on the implementation and tests can be found in the following blog
post :


The patchset has been posted publicly on the kexec mailing list and can be
reviewed here :


Kind Regards,


Louis Bouchard
Software engineer,
Debian Maintainer
GPG : 429D 7A3B DD05 B6F8 AF63  B9C4 8B3D 867C 823E 7A61

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