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Re: Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

On Sun, 17 Aug 2014, Luca Barbato wrote:
> - you tried to commit code that was blatantly below the already lax
> quality requirements (e.g. it contained tabs, it was (and still is) hard
> to read, it contains dubious, aka security-concerning, practices), I
> told you not to commit those as-is and you blatantly ignored me and the
> others against it. I'm referring to the mplayer filters.
> - your interaction with whoever wasn't in full agreement with you was
> horrible, I told you for months in public and private, you seemed to
> agree just to behave in even worse way later. The interactions with Mans
> are probably the best example of this.
> - your interaction with whoever provided infrastructure service was
> horrible[1]. As Attila already stated here[2] and here[3]

Just listening to the tone of your emails and that of Michael, I have
the very strong feeling that the AV people, including you, are
just chewing on old wounds and are not ready to admit that they 
have feature-wise, development-wise, usage-wise, simply lost.

By continuing old fights, inspite of the very clearly friendly and
open offers and suggestions byu Michael, you and others from AV continue
simply to insult and be nasty.

I am really impressed by the ability of Michael to take this without
changing into a more inpolite tone. Which you and others from AV are
definitely doing.

The base line of this discussion for me is:
* AV maintainers are averse o any cooperation, and just licking their
  wounds since several years
* the ffmpeg maintainers, in particular Michael, has offered several
  times to cooperate, contribute support, help, with only blunt
  rejections and insults from AV side.
* from my point of view, it would be best to throw out Av immediately
  and switch to ffmpeg before release.

I recommend you (and other AV maintainers) do get back to real life,
and don't continue wars from ancient times, just because you feel hurt.
This is childish behaviour.



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