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Re: Re: Why is package X not in testing yet?

Hi Joachim,

On Tue, 19 Aug 2014 11:07:57, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> unfortunately, comigrate doesn’t cut it for our case. From the page
> for haskell-hgettext, I get redirected to haskell-uniplate, and from
> there to other packages, none of which are the real culprit. Sven’s
> tool has an idea of what must migrate together (relying on britney’s
> autohinter) and ignores, for example, any dependency problems that
> are among these packages.

I agree that the online report on http://coinst.irill.org/report/ is not
appropriate in your case. In general, it will not report all issues
preventing the migration of a package, and the issues are not presented
conveniently on a single page. You should try the command line tool
(Debian package 'coinst') instead.

Still, the report provides a lot more information than what you say.
(Some list items can be unfolded by clicking on them or by clicking on
the 'Expand all' button.) Here is what I can see regarding haskell-hgettext.

haskell-hgettext needs (to migrate together with) haskell-uniplate
which needs haskell-unordered-containers and yi. yi needs
haskell-unordered-containers and haskell-regex-tdfa.

haskell-unordered-containers will not migrate as it would break some
packages on armel:
   haskell-github, pandoc
and kfreebsd-amd64:
   haskell-snap, haskell-yesod-static, pandoc

haskell-regex-tdfa will not migrate as it has not yet been rebuilt on
mips. Some binaries packages from haskell-hakyll,
haskell-regex-tdfa-utf8, haskell-hledger-lib and haskell-unixutils
depends on the obsolete binary package. Besides, the package cannot
migrate as this would break haskell-hakyll on armel, kfreebsd-i386 and

Thus, Bin-NMUS are needed for haskell-github, pandoc, haskell-snap,
haskell-yesod-static and haskell-hakyll, haskell-regex-tdfa-utf8,
haskell-hledger-lib and haskell-unixutils.

The online report does not list all issues preventing the migration of
haskell-hgettext. But note than none of the issues above are reported by
Sven's tool.


-- Jérôme

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