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Re: Why is package X not in testing yet?

Dear Pietro,

Am Montag, den 18.08.2014, 23:51 +0200 schrieb Pietro Abate:
> On 18/08/14 18:10, Sven Bartscher wrote:
> > If we have a package, which doesn't migrate to testing, we usually
> > check the "Why does package X not in testing yet?" page or the PTS.
> > Usually they do a great job in telling us why our package doesn't
> > migrate.
> > 
> > But sometimes you have packages, which have complicated dependencies,
> > that don't make it easy to tell why our package doesn't migrate.
> > Usually the PTS and "Why is package X not in testing yet?" fail at
> > those packages and don't give any useful explanation. For example look
> > at the page for haskell-hgettext[1].
> you might want to have a look at comigrate [1] a tool designed to
> answer these kind of questions and provide explanations that are as
> compat as possible. For example for haskell-hgettext [2] . If you find
> it useful, I'm sure the authors would be happy to hear from you.

unfortunately, comigrate doesn’t cut it for our case. From the page for
haskell-hgettext, I get redirected to haskell-uniplate, and from there
to other packages, none of which are the real culprit. Sven’s tool has
an idea of what must migrate together (relying on britney’s autohinter)
and ignores, for example, any dependency problems that are among these

Nevertheless, thanks for the pointer to comigrate. I think it could make
use of more visibility. Maybe a link from the PTS, along with the links
to other explanation pages?


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