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Re: First steps towards source-only uploads

Guillem Jover wrote:
>   # Full build, but filter the generated .changes file to only inlcude
>   # source and possibly arch-indep binaries, will not fail if the
>   # latter are missing.
>   $ dpkg-buildpackage --changes-option=-g
> The advantage of the second is that the package is fully built so that
> the maintainer can test that it builds and can install and test the
> resulting packages. Unfortunately as arch-specific packages are filtered
> out from the .changes file, lintian will not be able to find them. So you
> migth want to do a normal build followed by one with either -S or -g.

I tend to use "debuild" from devscripts, primarily because it
automatically runs lintian.  If dpkg-buildpackage gained native support
for invoking lintian, it could do so on the unfiltered changes file, and
then emit the filtered changes file.  Would you consider including
support for that in dpkg-buildpackage?

- Josh Triplett

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