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Desktop poll app [Was: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop]

On Saturday, 9 de August de 2014 12:04:56 Axel Wagner escribió:
> I really think, in these kinds of discussions it would be helpfull to
> get some kind of direct community-feedback. This would help *both* sides
> in every of these discussions, because it would make it impossible for
> either side to claim a widely held opinion that can not be refuted
> easily. For example, if we could have a simple survey "do you prefer
> the experience of gnome 3 or xfce" which any dev/maintainer/user could

I have been thinking on this, and I have come with an idea. I admin possibly a 
stupid one, but I want to know what do you all think on it.

Imagine a Desktop application, than fires on start (on every desktop 
environment, maybe wxwidgets, I do not care just now) and on first desktop boot 
after install. It asks these questions:

1) (LOCALIZED) Would you want to help Debian by taking some surveys?
a) YES
b) NO

Only if YES

2) (LOCALIZED) Would you like to take the surveys in English, as soon as they 
are released, or wait until they are translated to your language?
a) English as soon as released
b) Wait 1 week for translation, english if not translated then
c) Wait 1 month for translation, english if not translated then
d) Only when (if ever) translated

After this simple per-user configuration, the app (ONLY if YES to question 1) 
will fire invisibly once a day and check some server via HTTPS (e.g. 
polls.debian.net) for polls and sets of answers. If any is found there, it is 
presented to the user, and if the user answers it (there will be an option of 
"I do not want to answer this poll" in every poll) the answer will be sent to 
the same server via HTTPS, where it will be stored anonymously. No userid, not 
even IP stored with the answers.

Do you like it?

er Envite

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