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Re: Not the only one. Was: Re: Bug#757555: pam: CVE-2014-2583 pam_timestamp directory traversal issues

On Sunday 10 August 2014 15:52:51 Matthias Klose wrote:
> Am 10.08.2014 um 15:25 schrieb Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer:
> > Interesting, because yesterday I've got a patch [0] (cool, thanks a lot!)
> > but stating that the package has been NMUed and uploaded to delayed/5.
> > So, even 5 less days than in your case.
> > 
> > Less than 5 minutes later, the package entered the archive [1].
> > 
> > So, what am I supposed to do here?
> > 
> > Doko: I *really* appreciate the fact that you sent a patch, but *please*
> > respect your fellow DDs.
> The first thing you can do is to stop assuming bad faith, instead of
> assuming a mistake. I wouldn't have sent an email to the bug report and
> then uploading the package by intent. So sorry about the unplanned
> immediate upload.
> I wasn't aware that we are still supposed to do delayed/10 uploads, now that
> the default priority for uploads is medium.
> The issue was filed on May 4, with severity important and tagged for jessie.
> No reaction. The severity was raised on May 30 to serious. No reaction. 
> Instead some severity ping-pong was played on other issues.  No reaction on
> a RC issue for over two months?

I stand corrected. My public apologies for this, specially to you Matthias.

Maybe I need some VACs :)

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Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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