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(Possible) bug in fglrx dependencies in Sid(Unstable)

I'm using Sid(Unstable). I tried to install fglrx-driver, and failed.
It seems that fglrx-driver requires xorg-video-abi-15 or below, but
xserver-xorg-core(1.16.0) in Sid doesn't provide any of them. A search
in aptitude shows that it provides xorg-video-abi-18.
So I try to install xserver from Wheezy(stable), but
xserver-xorg-core(1.12.0) in stable requires libaudit0, which is
broken by libaudit-common needed by systemd-208, which in turn is why
I choose unstable:).

I've checked the content of libaudit0, apart from /etc/libaudit.conf,
it doesn't conflict with libaudit1 and libaudit-common. (See this
thread: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=158459&p=831357)
Maybe it's possible to remove the "Brokens: libaudit0" in
libaudi-common? Then users of Unstable can use backport version of

Thanks for making debian. It's great.


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