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Re: [FFmpeg-devel] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

Quoting Reinhard Tartler (2014-08-08 14:29:59)
> For now, please refer to http://lwn.net/Articles/607662/, 
> http://codecs.multimedia.cx/?p=370 (rather old, but still true), and 
> http://codecs.multimedia.cx/?p=674 (recent update on that matter)
> Regarding Marco's argument that libav had few friends, well, let me
> point to https://medium.com/libre-parole/libav-is-beautiful-4c1a2c886948
> for instance.
>> IMHO the best idea at this point would be to toss out libav, and rebuild
>> the rdeps with ffmpeg. Now, before it's too late for jessie.
> I think that is totally out of question: Uploading FFmpeg to our
> archive will break the Debian archive so hard that it will take months
> to get everything back to testing, if it works at all.
> To the best of my knowledge, there are only two high-profile projects 
> that play hardball to require FFmpeg: Mplayer and mythtv. Neither of 
> those do that (again to the best of my knowledge) mainly because of 
> technical but rather very political reasons.
> I now seriously wonder if the last 45 minutes in which I wrote this 
> email wouldn't have been better spent with preparing the next upload 
> for stable-security. YMMV.

Thanks a lot for your input, Reinhard.

Even if the loud ones in this thread may not, I doubt I am the only one 
finding value in your references and arguments.

 - Jonas

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