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Re: First steps towards source-only uploads


Quoting Ansgar Burchardt (2014-08-01 12:25:05)
> > I want to understand purpose and syntax of this new field.
> The field was originally discussed in https://bugs.debian.org/619131 to
> allow easier processing of packages that build arch-specific binaries
> such as src:linux[1].
> The architecture information was only (re)introduced later, as far as I
> know to help with bootstrapping, but it turns out that I also want this
> for source-only uploads to catch uploads introducing NEW binary packages.

The field started out with the binary package name, type, section and priority.
For bootstrapping it is necessary to know for which architectures and build
profiles a binary package builds without having access to the unpacked source
package but just from looking at the Packages/Sources files. Thus this
information was added as optional fields. Every field that comes after the
first four will be of the form key=value. The arch information will always be
printed and the profile field only for a build with a build profile. Guillem
explains the new field here:


cheers, josch

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