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Re: First steps towards source-only uploads

On 08/01/2014 12:17, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> [2014-08-01 11:33 +0200]:
>>>>  * The source package includes a Package-List field that also has
>>>>    an arch=* column. dpkg (>= 1.17.7) will include this.
>>> Can we read up more on this somewhere?
>> It is the default if you are using dpkg-dev from jessie and you don't
>> need to do anything other than generating your .dsc with dpkg-source
>> as per usual.
> I want to understand purpose and syntax of this new field.

The field was originally discussed in https://bugs.debian.org/619131 to
allow easier processing of packages that build arch-specific binaries
such as src:linux[1].

The architecture information was only (re)introduced later, as far as I
know to help with bootstrapping, but it turns out that I also want this
for source-only uploads to catch uploads introducing NEW binary packages.


  [1] This is currently broken in dak, but teaching process-new to
      handle source-only uploads will also address this.

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