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Licensing issue in images files on several packages


while preparing my packaging of Tails' OpenPGP Applet (ITP #756404), it was pointed to me that there were issues on images files shipped with it : they where licensed using CC-BY-SA 2.0, which is not DFSG-compliant. They seemed indeed derived from icons using an old tango theme, which were indeed licensed CC-BY-SA 2.0 at the time.

I saw that on my Sid system, some packages have the same issue :
rgrep -rl 'by-sa/2\.0' /usr/share/icons/*/scalable |xargs dlocate --package-only

There may be more, since it only reports the packages I have installed.
It doesn't seem to be dual-licensing, judging from the content of the svg files involved.

A quick look on the package confirm that upstream does not advertised these files as being licensed separatly, and may not be aware of it which explains why they are still in main.

Is it a known issue ? Is/was there some ongoing effort to spot these package, and try to convince the copyright holder to relicense them using CC-BY-SA 3.0 ?

Of course, we (Tails) will try to do so for OpenPGP Applet in Tails, but we could use some help.


Clément Hermann (nodens)

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