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Re: Bug#755382: ITP: fonts-adobe-sourcehansans-cn -- “Source Han Sans CN” A sans-serif Pan-CJK font family (CN subset) that is offered in seven weights

>>>>> "PW" == Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:

>> * Package name    : fonts-adobe-sourcehansans-cn

PW> Due to the need for Adobe's ADFKO, this will have to go to contrib.
PW> IIRC ADFKO will become open source at some point and the font could
PW> move to main then.

AFAICT, fontforge has enough capability to convert the format of the
files in the git repo into OTF files, at least.  Pehaps also combining
those into the OTC files.

The outlines are in the repo as type0 (collection of type1) format, but
again fontforge can edit and save that format just as well as its own
sfd format, so onecan argue that it is close enough to preferred src

So it seems they are already dfsg-free, even without a dfsg-free release
of adfko, yes?

Or did I miss something which fontforge and/or fonttools cannot yet

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