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Re: How to build-depend on a C++11-capable compiler?

> Last time I asked:
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2013/09/msg00335.html
> It was prefered to provide a C++98 ABI compatible library for the time
> being. If you start providing a C++11 ABI library people will not be
> able to mix symbols from your lib and other part of debian system. As
> far as I understand the whole debian should transition to C++11 ABI at
> the same time.

Well, since g++-4.9 now c++11 feature complete (with one exception
afair)  the situation is probably a lot better now. 

I maintain one packages (mia) that requires c++11 and it  c++11 features
since they were introduced in g++ 4.5 (I am also upstream). I happily
link in various C++ libraries that are compiled without C++11 enabled,
and software that depends on mia also links with other C++ libraries
like gtkmm without problems.

The only problem I came across in all this time was with BOOST, it
exposed some enums differently depending on the use of c++11, i.e. they
used the new enum class with c++11, but when the libraries were compiled
without c++11, then interface provided by the headers did not correspond
to the compiled code (They actually could have actually avoided this
incompatibility, and I don't know if they do so now).

hope that helps, 

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