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Bug#755286: closed by Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> (Re: Bug#755286: general: Black screen on resume after suspend)


Aleksandar Nikolov wrote (21 Jul 2014 12:18:16 GMT) :
> BUT the laptop had worked pretty well, including suspend and resume, for a month with
> Jessie system and a kernel by Ubuntu till an update of DEBIAN packages. So I am
> pretty sure that this is a bug of a Debian package.

I'm glad this *unsupported* combination of packages used to work for
you. Still, it's not supported by Debian, so if it stops working,
then, well, you're on your own. Sorry.

> Do you know when Debian will release 3.15 kernel?

You might want to try the 3.15 kernel from Debian experimental.


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