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Re: myth(?): places in the world where https is illegal? Re: people.debian.org will move from ravel to paradis and become HTTPS only


On Montag, 21. Juli 2014, Iain R. Learmonth wrote:
> The United Kingdom when using IPv4 over AX.25 on Amateur Radio. Encryption
> is illegal because it goes against the self-policing nature of the amateur
> bands.

and so are probably prison inmates, workers of armed forces and other who 
might be legally binded due to work contracts. IMO not really a compelling 
argument for the rest of the world.
> http://www.ru.j-npcs.org/usoft/WWW/www_debian.org/Documentation/policy.html
> /ch-developer.html
> Note that for packaging, these allowances are made. I do not see why we
> cannot make the same allowances for accessing a website.

that policy copy you are refering to states "version (dpkg, 5 
December 1996 " in the footer, while we currently use "version, 
2013-10-28", and, yes, the world has changed.


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