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Re: How Debian should handle users requests?

Hi Abou,

On Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
> Then I'd propose to have an other pseudo package "support" and a new
> mailing list alias for d-u@l.d.o called for example support@d.o which
> does not link to d-d@l.d.o and providing support for users.
> This new pseudo package "support" can substitute to "general"
> automatically by the tool after few messages are asked like:
>   "I don't really know how to investigate this issue"
>   "I'm not experienced user"
>   ...

oh, wow, how do you want to deal with those? What do you do if these users 
don't follow up?

Really there are quite many many of these bugs already, against base+general, 
but also against d-i (installation-reports) and many other packages, where 
users file "bug reports" which are *not* bug reports (because they lack vital 
information) but just "bug notices" which are often quite useless.

Sure, you (we) could help those users, but currently we too often lack the 
ressources to deal with useful bug reports.

I'd welcome you triaging the bugs against installation-reports, xorg, gnome, 
base and general for the next year. I'd be curious to hear your opinon after 

Right now, I just think you have an idea ("we should help users having 
problems") which I also share, but which I have found to be impractical to do 
_by the means of the BTS_. The idea is good, but impractical in reality. If 
you think otherwise, please convince me by dealing with existing bugs. The 
list is reaaaaaaally long.

Also, as a data point: I've closed, dunno, 30 or 50 bugs stating "this bug has 
too little / no information, the BTS is no user support forum, please use 
debian-user@l.d.o instead" over the last year or so, and almost (or was it 
really none?) noone complained.

A useless bug is a useless bug. If a submitter cannot come up with any useful 
information in the report, it is very unlikey they will be able to come up 
with that later.

> The main goal of all this is to make Debian more user friendly.

You dont make Debian more user friendly by creating a support forum which will 
not be used... there is d-u@l.d.o and there is "ask debian" (forgot the url) 
too. Are you active on those, helping users?


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