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Re: How Debian should handle users requests?

On Sat, 2014-07-19 at 21:20 +0300, Arto Jantunen wrote:
> > I'd really like having a king of code of conduct for bug handling, just
> > like we have one for mailing lists.
> We have several forums for user support requests, the main one being
> debian-user@l.d.o. The bts "general" pseudopackage is not a user support
> forum. The consensus for dealing with user support requests being filed
> as "general" bugs has always been "close the bug and instruct the user
> to contact a support forum, mainly debian-user". When what the user is
> seeing turns out to be a bug in some package debian-user can also help
> with producing an actionable bug report against that package. Perhaps
> this needs to be documented more prominently?
> -- 
> Arto Jantunen

While I agree that the pseudo package "general" shall not be used as a
help forum, I don't like to close a bug abruptly. Also in this case the
current bug we are dealing with is probably a real bug.

I'd recommend that reportbug(-ng) provide a clear message when creating
a bug, just like some other packages do it (evolution to name my
preferred mail client). This will then filter more this kind of reports.

Then if the user reports a bug we need to understand it and try to fix
it. Maybe adding debian-user to the list of users monitoring bugs
against "general" pseudo package could also help in this case.

Abou Al Montacir

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