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Introducing vcswatch


I am maintaining too many PostgreSQL packages, and I keep forgetting
which package has changes committed that have not yet been uploaded.

To fix that, there's now a service running at qa.debian.org which
grabs the Sources files from unstable and experimental, notes all
Vcs-* URLs, makes checkouts, and compares the debian/changelog file
seen there with the current version in the archive. The name I came up
with - vcswatch - isn't really smart, but it says what it is about.
The URL is:


There's also a DDPO column showing the information.

Basically packages should be in state "OK" (no changes outstandig) or
"NEW" (there's something waiting to be uploaded), everything else is a
problem. "OLD" means that the archive is ahead of the VCS. "UNREL" is
a special case of "OLD" where the versions match, but the changelog in
VCS still has "UNRELEASED". "ERROR" is obviously an error.

Repositories polls are randomized over 20..28h intervals, and are
automatically schedules when a new package version is seen in the
archive. Users can also click the "Scan now" button (or put a wget for
it in their post-whatever hooks) to get a new scan at the next */5
cron interval.

Supported VCS are: Bzr Cvs Darcs Git Hg Mtn Svn. There's a dozen
packages in the archive announcing Arch, but these have all since
moved to Git, and Arch is so weird I gave up on supporting it.

There also some statistics:

Arch	12	0	0	0	0	12
Bzr	199	103	32	40	3	21
Cvs	18	4	0	0	0	14
Darcs	718	368	339	2	0	9
Git	10799	7309	2224	655	61	550
Hg	62	20	4	20	2	16
Mtn	21	16	3	2	0	0
Svn	3517	1657	1447	170	33	210
	26	0	0	0	0	0

(The last line is 26 packages that just have a Vcs-Browser field with
no specific Vcs-*.)

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