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Re: systemd is here to stay, get over it now

> While I have no interest in joining Norbert in calling for your ban,

Having had the pleasure to meet Norbert in person, I have no doubt that he
was joking when appealing to the CoC.  (I did find his comment funny --
actually, I find the CoC ifself pretty funny --, but I realise that this
is an international mailing list and that Austrian-Japanese humour is not
necessarily obvious to everyone.)

Coming back to the subject at hand, this thread has been pretty productive
in showing that I'm not alone in wanting my servers and my netbook to run
Debian without systemd (I've given up on my full-fledged desktops, for
better or worse), and in showing that it can be achieved with the existing
mechanisms (apt pinning).  I have good hope that the systemd maintainers
will take this minority of users into account in their further development.

-- Juliusz

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