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Re: systemd is here to stay, get over it now

Hi Thorsten,

while I tend to basically acknowledge your points here, there is still one thing you obviously did not get until now, if I followed along correctly.

>For example, systemd has support for its own (S)NTP client, but also
>supports xntpd (rudely leaving OpenNTPD out already). The commit
>explains that the xntpd support will eventually go away.

systemd, in its nature as an init system, starts what you tell it to start. There is nothing that can prevent it from starting openntpd if you want that. If you through a service file at it, or even an LSB init script, then systemd has no choice but to start it.

That said, dropping support for service foo in systemd means that service foo dropped both their service file and their init script, _not_ systemd doing anything.

If you have sources proving that systemd is planning to do antivirus-like signature checking on binaries to detect openntpd or something, then please provide such. I tend to not believe that!


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