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Re: systemd is here to stay, get over it now

Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
>> The problem is that some people bitch endlessly abut how evil systemd is
>> _instead_of_ producing software (not just patches) to replace what
>> systemd offers.
>Abstracting away from your somewhat offensive choice of language, that's
>a good point.  As far as I'm aware, the only major distribution that has

Eh, why would I need to write anything? BSD init WFM. SYSV init with
file-rc WFM unless someone breaks it again. I can live with SYSV init
with sysv-rc, if it must be (but then, please, no parallel boot). I
believe I could live with runit as init.

>been doing the right thing is OpenWRT, which has recently switched to
>"procd", a locally developed init replacement.

procdâ?¦ ubusâ?¦ *shudder* but at least they're consistent.
OpenWrt has been doing their own way for some time already.


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