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Re: Bug#752075: daemontools-run: Add systemd support


Gerrit Pape:
> This is about a package I maintain with a RC bug that'll cause it to be
> removed from the next Debian release.  I'm with Debian more than 12
> years, I'm pretty sure debian-devel@l.d.o is the right place to ask
> fellows for advice.
I agree.

> Switching to systemd is a big change, and what you're doing is not in
> line with common understanding of Change Management.

Then again, change management does not usually start with multi-year
discussions and a TC decision. ;-)

> We all should welcome RC bugs, they help us to make a good release.


> Looks like the question in which package a RC bug shall be resolved
> offends some people.  Not good.
It doesn't exactly offend, but some people are on a hair trigger because of
the recent discussion – which IMHO has been mostly reasonable, compared to
what I remember from ten+ years or so ago …

-- Matthias Urlichs

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