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Re: RFH: Re: Bug#752075: daemontools-run: Add systemd support


Gerrit Pape:
> > I'm very dubious about this being release-critical.
> I think it is.  The package will not work as expected without the
> inittab interface.
It's rather trivial to write an init script, and/or a systemd unit file,
which starts daemontools. Hooking into inittab isn't going to work with any
other init system, not just not with systemd.

> Having my own init system since more than 10 years, I'm not that much in
> systemd.  I looked at policy, but didn't find any instructions.
You can start with the systemd.unit manpage. Searching the web for
"systemd howto write unit file" also yields some useful resources.

> Important thing to know is: init scripts don't work out for this.  The
> service management concept of daemontools and runit is, amongst other
> things, a process tree with guaranteed process state, including
> envrionment.  init scripts don't provide that.
Well … systemd does.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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