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systemd is here to stay, get over it now (was: Re: Pinning vs. conflicting)


Le jeudi, 3 juillet 2014, 14.20:24 Juliusz Chroboczek a écrit :
> Isn't the proper solution to add blacklisting support to dpkg, then?

The proper solution is to stop trying to hide ourselves from to the fact 
that some sort of systemd interfaces have been made unavoidable in 
modern desktop environments (fact which is rightfully reflected in our 
dependencies tree). Many of the interfaces of systemd are here to stay 
and will make their way through our stack (like it or not); fact is they 
already made it quite far in at least Gnome and KDE.

As developers of Debian (which this list is about afterall), our proper 
solution is not to forbid systemd on our various systems while hoping 
that "not too many things" will end up depending on its interfaces and 
that our "working setup for so long that I can't even remember" will 
magically keep working while the underlying stack keeps evolving (with 
or without systemd btw). Given that the technical committee has made a 
decision which stayed unchallenged (so far), I've now come to think that 
this behavior (and its flaming counterpart) is actively hurting the 

The proper solution is to fix (or help fix) all use-cases that became 
broken with the arrival of systemd and/or make sure that the 
dependencies tree allows the systemd shim to be installed and working, 
as well as making sure this shim stays relevant and a working and 
transparent replacement to systemd itself.

We are collectively developing an operating system, not only assembling 
a set of packages for our own benefit. Our priority is our users and 
they rightfully expect a rocking Jessie release, which will happen with 
systemd as default init system. Will we make this happen or will we just 
end up having gone through an endless bikeshedding discussion about a 
package that forbids the installation of the default init system!?

Can we get over this now and start making Jessie the most awesome stable 
release we've ever prepared together?


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