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systemd-must-die (was Re: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian)

Wookey worte:

>> [11]http://users.unixforge.de/~tglaser/debs/dists/etch/wtf/Pkgs/mirabilos-support/
>Can it be uploaded please? As has been observed, there is a reasonable
>number of people who would like an easy way to control explicitly
>when/if they change to systemd for pid 1. Having to get it from a
>separate repo should not be necessary.

If you wish, and ftpmasters agree, I can split this package off
the (larger) source package I made (which creates half a dozen
such metapackages, some just conflicting with stuff like systemd,
ncurses-term and puppet, some just depending on stuff I wish to
have installed on systems I touch so I do not have to interrupt
work every 5 minutes to add just another tool, and some with a
few tools and skeleton files), and upload it separately.

When I was new to Debian, waldi taught me about the cost of
new binary packages (I had originally a separate mksh-static
package, intended for use on the initrd). I do not know whether
the cost is prohibitive here. The package itself is absolutely
trivial, it just conflicts with anything systemd, and has no
content of its own. I believe it does not need to be in Debian
itself, technically, but I agree to upload it if its presence
is desired politically (even to wheezy-backports).


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