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Search for porterbox machines on the command line

Heya, I just created a small utility that dumps the porterbox machine
list to stdout, which makes looking up a test machine for a particular
architecture much quicker (at least for me).  I wasn't aware of anything
like this in existence, please correct me if I'm wrong.  Maybe someone
will find it useful.

Repo is here:


Output looks like:

    Architecture       Hostname                 Access
    armel              abel.debian.org          public
    kfreebsd-amd64     asdfasdf.debian.net      public (non-DSA-machine)
    amd64              barriere.debian.org      restricted
    mipsel             eder.debian.org          public
    hurd-i386          exodar.debian.net        public (non-DSA-machine)
    kfreebsd-amd64     falla.debian.org         public
    kfreebsd-i386      fischer.debian.org       public
    mips               gabrielli.debian.org     public
    armhf              harris.debian.org        [unknown]
    kfreebsd-i386      io.debian.net            public (non-DSA-machine)
    armhf              ipa.debian.net           public (non-DSA-machine)
    ia64               merulo.debian.org        public
    powerpc            partch.debian.org        developer only
    ppc64el            pastel.debian.net        public (non-DSA-machine)
    sh4                sh4.g15.jp               public (non-DSA-machine)
    sparc              smetana.debian.org       public
    hurd-i386          strauss.debian.net       public (non-DSA-machine)
    sh4                sumotsu.debian.net       public (non-DSA-machine)
    avr32              xoothais.err.no          public (non-DSA-machine)
    s390x              zelenka.debian.org       public

    Found 20 machines


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