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Re: arm64 update - help wanted

2014-05-15 02:10 Wookey:
The debian-port arm64 rebootstrap is progressing nicely, and we just
passed 4200 source packages built, with another few hundred
pending. There are now 2 buildds running.

In the course of that 344 have failed to build, (see
http://buildd.debian-ports.org/status/architecture.php?a=arm64&suite=sid ,'Build attempted' section)

Shameless plug... if you liked the link above, you might be interested
in OpenRISC/or1k as well :-)


(it's not in debian-ports yet, and building in qemu rather than real
hardware at the moment)

I don't know if ppc64el, mips64el and other ports brewing (but not yet
in debian-ports) have wannabuilds available.

many for trivial reasons like 'needs autoconf update'. I need to
concentrate on core stuff like openjdk, swig, kdelibs which are
blocking big swaths of packages, so I haven't got time right now to
wade through all those seeing what went wrong.

Thus I'd love it if anyone else could help go through the failures
pile and file bugs, or upload old existing ones, or classify them on
the wiki. Or if they happen to be your packages then just fix them :-)

I sent messages to a few maintainers who didn't apply
autotools-dev/dh-autoreconf patches yet, asking if it's OK to NMU in the
next few days/weeks.  This should enable some more packages to build
cleanly.  There are many such cases, so any help is welcome.


Of course, I am also keeping an eye on my packages, and dependencies
preventing them to be built.


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