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Re: debconf reconfiguration from postinst of another package

Hi Wouter,

Quoting Wouter Verhelst (2014-05-07 11:34:23)
> What you seem to want is a unified and standardized way for one 
> package to provide an API for changing things about how the package 
> will function, to other packages.


> While a worthwhile effort, I don't think this is what debconf (in its 
> current state, at least) can do.

I still believe debconf us possible to use for this - in its current 
form but with aid of additional logic (which possibly fits your view).

> After all, the problem with reconfiguring another package in the way 
> you seem to suggest is that if it were to be effective for what you 
> want to see realized, it would run afoul of the requirement in Policy 
> 10.7.4 that
>      The maintainer scripts must not alter a `conffile' of _any_ package, 
>      including the one the scripts belong to.
> (at least in spirit)

That text talks about _conffiles_ specifically, and one way to avoid 
that specific rule is using... debconf!

> That same section 10.7.4 also explains how packages who wish to change 
> configuration files of other packages should work, currently: there 
> should be an interface provided by the package through which other 
> packages can then change the relevant configuration.

Where debconf is one such interface provided by the package.

I believe the spirit of §10.7.4 is to ensure that any configuration of a 
package not done explicitly by the user is done through the package 

One reason for that is to ensure that there is one well-defined place to 
report any bugs: the package!

[snip - need to think more about the rest]

 - Jonas

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