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Re: Call to fork

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 07:02:19PM +0400, vitalif@yourcmc.ru wrote:
> >Our users shouldn't care what init system we use. It's an
> >implementation -- and purely technical -- detail of the OS.
> Sorry to interfere with your discussion, but it really sounds like
> some kind of proprietary software idea :)

How so? systemd is free software and it complies with the DFSG. People
are *able* to change it, we're only discussing defaults.

> I'm sure a big percent of GNU/Linux (and especially Debian
> GNU/Linux) users like to know and understand what's going under the
> hood. Debian users are certainly not "average PC users". :)

Yeah, we're only discussing defaults - users can still change things
(which I mention at the end of my email)

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