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Packaging of stunnel / MIA for Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz


There have been multiple new upstream releases for stunnel4 and the
package has gathered quite some bugs without any feedback from its
maintainer. Looking at Rodrigo's QA page [0] his last actions were
quite some time ago (2012) and most packages would have gathered RC
bugs without the help of some fellow Debian Developers doing NMUs.

Lennart Weller has prepared an updated package for stunnel4, which
does not fit the default NMU criteria (e.g. being minimal) and is
also willing to take over the package. I would sponsor the package
for him once Rodrigo's status is clear.

So here are my questions:
 * Does anyone know Rodrigo's whereabouts/status?
 * Can the MIA team take this over?

[0] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=rodrigo&comaint=yes

-- Sebastian

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