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Re: Transition from ttf-* fonts to fonts-* for Debian-IN Team

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> writes:

Hi Cyril,

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> Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com> (2014-01-15):
>> [I've set myself in reply-to so I won't loose the replies please
>> consider ccing me even though I'm subscribed to d-d]
>> Hi,
>> As per the change in font naming convention, all (most) fonts are
>> renamed from ttf-*-fonts to fonts-* and we introduced transitional dummy
>> packages to allow smooth transition from ttf-* counter parts to fonts-*
>> counter parts. This was done in Wheezy and now time has come to drop these
>> transitional dummy packages (oh well and I accidentally dropped these
>> already and the packages are not transitioning) and I'm writing this
>> mail as part of Debian-IN (Debian India) team where we maintain all
>> Indian language fonts. Below is the set of fonts which we are planning
>> to ask for removal from archive.
>>      1. ttf-indic-fonts
>>      2. ttf-bengali-fonts
>>      3. ttf-devanagari-fonts
>>      4. ttf-kannada-fonts
>>      5. ttf-punjabi-fonts
>>      6. ttf-tamil-fonts
>>      7. ttf-malayalam-fonts
>>      8. ttf-telugu-fonts
>>      9. ttf-oriya-fonts
> debian-installer has:
> build/pkg-lists/gtk-common:ttf-kannada-fonts-udeb

Uh oh yes right.. I forgot completely about installer, I probably had
communicated on this with Christian(bubulle) and I think tasksel was fixed by him
IIRC but not able to recall completely as it was long time back.

> It seems to me the udeb still contains the actual font and doens't pull
> a fonts-* package. Are you planning on switching the udeb to the new
> naming thing sooner or later?

So yes all these old udebs are also transitioned but there is no
transitional dummy packages for them as they are installer only.

If I remember correctly we have only 2 font udebs for Indian languages
one was *ttf-kannada-fonts-udeb* and another was
*ttf-malayalam-fonts-udeb* and now we have new udebs for these as
*fonts-knda-udeb* and *fonts-mlym-udeb*.

IIRC fonts-mlym-udeb might not be needed by debian-installer as
Malayalam is part of GNU Free Fonts package. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Warm Regards
Vasudev Kamath
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