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Re: 'tty' output on kFreeBSD, etc. within sbuild

Alastair McKinstry writes ("'tty' output on kFreeBSD, etc. within sbuild"):
> Can anyone answer the following question which is puzzling me;
> I have a piece of csh code which gets called during the build of a package
> i'm maintaining. it does the following:
> echo "useful information" > /dev/tty
> within the script. (stdout, stderr being redirected, I think).

Others have explained why you shouldn't do this.

If you want to bypass some redirection in the rest of your package's
build system, you could stash a copy of stderr in fd 3 or 5 or
something (eg, in the rules file, with 3>&2), and then write to fd 5.

But perhaps more information would enable us to give better advice.


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