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Help needed to maintain wordpress

[ Bcc debian-devel to make the offer both to new maintainers and experienced ones ]


I would like to find someone willing to take over the maintenance of
wordpress in Debian (the most popular software to run a blog).
The package is in a relatively good shape but it needs active maintenance
to keep up with new upstream releases and security updates.

One of the immediate challenge that I won't have the time to tackle is
that the Debian package has been providing translations in wordpress-l10n
for a long time already, but upstream just rolled out a new "language
pack" mechanism and we probably need to adapt debian/get-upstream-i18n
to use this new mechanism. Some PHP programming skills are required
for this task.

I have also left a debian/TODO with some more changes that we should

I will gladly sponsor uploads for non-DD.


PS: Giuseppe Iuculano is marked as the main maintainer but at least
for wordpress he's MIA. Giuseppe, do you intend to work again on
wordpress or shall you be removed from the maintainer field ?

PPS: I have just uploaded wordpress 3.7.1 but can't push to git.debian.org
currently since it's down. I have pushed a copy to
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