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Re: MIPS64EL rootfs available for use and test

On 11/13/2013 04:32 PM, YunQiang Su wrote:
On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 8:03 AM, David Daney <ddaney@caviumnetworks.com> wrote:
On 11/11/2013 09:57 AM, YunQiang Su wrote:

Hi, folks,

In the recent days, I figure out the mips64el rootfs and test it on
Loongson 3A platform.
It works well in general, it's time to release it.

It can be download from:


I tested it on our OCTEON boards.  Seems to be working.  I had to enable
CONFIG_DEVTMPFS and CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT in my kernel and edit /etc/inittab
to put gettys on my serial ports, and set the root password.  But after
that, it works seemingly without a hitch.
Great news, while wait... does OCTEON support little endian?

Yes. The kernel.org kernel doesn't yet contain full little-endian support, but getting little-endian support merged is on our list of things to do.

David Daney

To install it, what you need to do is just unpack it to a partition
and configure kernel/bootloader/fstab by yourself.

This is a more detailed instruction for Loongson 3A users:

Know issues:
      1. MIPS64r2 ISA is required,
           while we have made a agree to downgrade the requirement to
mips3 in future.
      2. The permission is of /usr/bin/crontab is not correct, so you need
               apt-get install cron --reinstall
      3. some files in /var/cache/man are not correct, you need to:
                rm -rf /var/cache/man/* ; mandb

PS: we have 8500+ packages built now.

Happy hacking, and I am wishing your feedback.

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