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Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce


On 24/10/13 at 16:40 +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This goes back to during the wheezy release cycle. There was a little
> discussion around a change in tasksel [1], but rather too late in the
> day for the change to make sense. Now we have rather more time, I
> feel. Let's change the default desktop for installation to xfce.
> This would mean:
>  * Make the tasksel change stick
>  * Tweak CD and installer builds:
>    + change what happens with no desktop selected to use xfce instead
>      of Gnome (netinst, DVD, BD etc.)
>    + Add an explicitly-named Gnome CD#1
>    + Remove the explicitly-named XFCE CD#1
> Pros:
>  * CD#1 will work again without size worries
>  * Smaller, simpler desktop
>  * Works well/better on all supported kernels (?)
>  * Does not depend on replacing init
> Cons:
>  * <please fill in here>

What's the the status of XFCE regarding accessibility?

That was a big strengh of GNOME for a long time, though I've heard
rumors (sorry not to be more specific) that gnome-shell has some
unsolved issues in that regard, which is a problem since GNOME
classic/fallback mode is gone in 3.8.

Even if not a strong requirement, I like the idea of an accessible
default Debian desktop.


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