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Re: Propose Release Goals (delayed ;) - xz compression

David Goodenough <david.goodenough <at> btconnect.com> writes:

> xy may only use a tiny bit, but the combination of apt-get, dpkg and
> xy seems to cause problems.  Its not just BeagleBones, there are x86
> machines with just 64MB still on sale.

SOL then. It’s actually apt/dpkg that takes that much memory because,
you know, a database listing >30000 binary packages in sid *does* take
quite some RAM. We have the same problem on m68k, but you can’t do much
against that (except, possibly, use a more memory-efficient internal
representation in those tools).

So, this means that, yes, you need a total of at least 128 MiB RAM+swap,
if not more, to use apt/dpkg in sid (and recent releases were not much

xz decompression is a nōn-issue on virtually all Debian systems.
xz compression, now, may be an issue, but I still support it as
long as the compression level is no larger than -6 (-7 for debug
packages, should that be desired), and -e is only used in extreme
cases (pun intended).

(I have other issues with xz adoption, but they appear to not be
an issue in Debian so I skip them here.)


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