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Propose Release Goals (delayed ;) - xz compression


 As dpkg introduced xz compression by default, we can make whole
 packages xz-ed now. I think it's worth to try, so propose it as
 a release goal (I know it should be sent before its dead line, but
 please read).

 rebuild whole package with xz

 users         : it reduces download (update) time.
 mirror admins : it cuts traffic.

How to archive it? (a.k.a. costs))
 Just rebuild your package with dpkg (>=1.17.0), cheap.
 (it's not in jessie yet, Bug#717983 prevents to migrate to testing,
  but now fixed in git and pending).

How to check it?)
 Yes, just "ar -x" and you'll see it as data.tar.{gz,bz2,xz}, easy.

 So yes, just do it as above for whole repository and track numbers
 and list non-xz-ed package.

 Any idea for this?
 It's worth to try *and* not so difficult, IMHO.

Hideki Yamane

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